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We are the descendants of three Lebanese families who settled in Globe, Arizona in the early 1900's: Mike and Annie Rais, Joe and Regina Rais and
Sam and Rose Rayes
Saad (Sam) was born in Lebanon and Rose was born in Syria. They came to America in 1914 where they met and married.

First Generation American Born: Children of Sam and Rose Rayes: Mary, Louis, Nick, Sadie, Lillian, George

Second and Third Generation American Born:

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Mary (Ward)
Andy, Jennifer
Great Photos from family Gatherings

Photos from Mary's Box

Mary's Life
Louis (Anise)
      Roseann (Walt) Jason (children: Jessica/TJ-Micah & Bobby), Tim - Kim (children: Tobin),
     Nick - Carole, (LaJuanna)Lisa / Ron (children: Nicholas), Greg,
     Elaine (Stuart)

Little Nicky visits Uncle Tim's Beach house

My 2004 trip by Elaine

Roseann's Trips
Nick (Lois): 
      Louis(Cathy) Nick (Kathyrn - children: Izzaha, Josh, boy3, boy4 Abby, Bethy), Hanna (Luke - children: Lyla), Ben (Victoria - children: Christain,2,3), Nathanial (?), Diane (Issac - children: 1, 2), Megan (Calvin), Kimera, Jared (Aria), Joel.
      Doug (Sheri) Josh, Emily Marie, Kevin, Tim,
     Emily Jane
     Neil (Roxanne - children: Brian, Matt)

Emily Jane photos.

Diane's Wedding

Sadie Thanksgiving 2001 family photos
Thanksgiving 2004 photos
Lillian (Gene): 
      Diana - (Bill - children: Ryan, Megan - ? children: Login, Anna?),
      Yvonne - Steve (Carrie (Brian children: Christie?), Grant),
     Bobby - Linda
View Carrie's Wedding
Yvonne's 49th Birthday 2005
George (Maura): 
     Sam (Marisela) George,
     Mike (Laura) John, PJ, Stephen, Tim, Sarah, Rebecca, David
     Rose Barbara, Sam, Jose
     Blaise (Amy) Amber, Brandon,
George's Family Visit January 2005
Family Web Sites
ABC'S Computer Services
Coleman Hines
Krane Family Tim Krane Associates
Timothy Louis Krane
Louis Rayes

Walter S. Krane, Artist


Blaise Rayes Dr. Emily Rayes Nicholas Louis Rayes, Lawyer

This site is dedicated to the memory of  those we have lost but who are in our hearts.

Rose Barbara Rayes. 1894 - 1961 and Saad E. Rayes. 1890 - 1974.
Louis S. Rayes. 1920 - 1977
and Lillian Rayes Carey 1928 - 1989.
George S. Rayes, 1930-1999. Founder and champion of our family reunion.

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